Importance of coal management in a power plant is very much significant and also one of the most critical areas in view of plant operations as well as cost involvement, so it forms an important part of the management process in a power plant. It deals with the management of commercial, operational and administrative functions pertaining to estimating coal requirements, selection of coal suppliers, coal quality check, transportation and coal handling, payments for coal received, consumption and calculation of coal efficiency. The results are then used for cost benefit analysis to suggest further plant improvements.

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Integrax is pioneering in Coal Management strategies by efficiently handling coal estimates, coal stocking, consumption and calculation of coal throughput. Integrax is able to drive higher growth and cost benefit by undertaking coal management activities.


Ship Docking and Tugging Service


Coal Grabbing and Trasportation


Stock Piling


Conveyer transport of coal to storage piling

Coal blending is the process of mixing coals after coal has been mined to achieve quality attributes that are desirable for the coal’s intended application (e.g. steam generation, coking). Blending is typically achieved through the stacking of different materials on a stockpile or within a vessel’s hatch during ship loading. Stacking methodology (e.g. Chevron, Windrow, Cone Shell, Strata) can also impact the homogeneity of the final blended material. Blending sometimes will take place prior to the Coal Handling and Processing Plant (CHPP) in order to achieve attributes (e.g. feed ash levels) that can improve CHPP production rates. Blending may take place in several locations within the demand chain including:

  • Before entering the processing plant
  • Immediately after the processing plant
  • Train load out
  • Port stockyard
  • Ship loading
  • At the customer stockyard
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Integrax is working towards setting up Coal blending in their Lekir Bulk Terminal Port for blending and exporting Coal to cater to all regional power plants in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.