Company History

Out of the desire to improve the efficiency of coal delivery and develop the untapped potential of the coal market, in cooperation with Tenaga Nasional, and the Perak state government, brothers Amin and Harun of Halim Rasip Group embarked on an ambitious project to build a multipurpose terminal next to the new Manjung power plant. The primary aim of that terminal was to handle ship-to-shore coal transfer and designed to cater for future shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship transfers as well. And thus, Lekir Bulk Terminal was created.

 Lekir Bulk Terminal then consisted of a two conveyor lines stretching almost 2km into the sea and directly to the power plant’s GF1 stockyard. Filtration and weighing equipment were in place to ensure coal quality and consistency.

 The same brothers  had earlier been involved the development of both the Kampung Aceh terminal (the current Lumut Maritime Terminal) and the reclamation works of the island that would eventually house Malaysia’s largest coal power plant (Janamanjung), providing around one fourth of Semenanjung Malaysia’s energy needs, and about half of Tenaga Nasional’s generating capacity.

 Today, the plant boasts 2 German-made cranes capable of lifting 40 tonnes each and a larger,custom built crane capable of lifting 80 tonnes of material. The single berth now has expanded to cater to up to three vessels, with a third conveyor line now in place.

 Since the takeover of parent company Integrax  by the Tenaga Group in 2016, the company is now poised to scale even greater heights in tandem with the Group’s vision.

History of Events