Integrax seeks to build fundamental value and achieve earnings growth through long term investments in Infrastructure (multipurpose ports, terminals and related activities) for long-term resilient earnings, value and investments in Resources and Services predominantly in South-East Asia Region.

Integrax is positioning itself as a “Value Chain Integration Partner” and our growth strategy involves expanding our port facilities and integrating our operations along the value chains of the many raw materials which flow through our terminals and which pass through the Straits of Melaka. By espousing the concept of “Smart Partnership”, we hope to provide value added services to our current and future customers by studying the value chains of potential commodities and providing integration solutions on a “win-win basis”.

We intend to add value to the coal-handling services provided to our valued customer and primary stakeholder, Tenaga Nasional Berhad through value chain integration initiatives, as well as developing new business relationships with potential customers. Lumut Port has the potential to be a regional hub for commodities such as coal, iron ore, limestone and fertilizer due to its strategic location and scale-able facilities and infrastructure.


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