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Integrax Group has embarked on a quest for business growth since 2021, starting with scoping and defining our future business direction. In 2022, we were successful in growing our business by expanding into the maritime services industry at Stesen Janakuasa Tuanku Muhriz (SJTM), Jimah, Negeri Sembilan. Concurrently, we conducted internal reorganisation exercises to accommodate the Group’s new aspirations and objectives.

Integrax, as a non-exclusively investment holding company for a group of companies in, is best positioned to diversify into other energy industry value chain-related downstream businesses in the wake of emergent fuels and energy transition. 

For us to realise this aspiration, we are devoted to strengthen our core capabilities, not only by maintaining our existing excellent service delivery and having the best-in-class facilities, but we also committed to acquire new capabilities and innovations either organically or through strategic alliances.

Port & Terminal

Integrax Group has launched a comprehensive business growth plan, defining and scoping our future business direction where we have successfully expanded into the maritime services industry in SJTM Jimah, Negeri Sembilan while also undergoing internal restructuring to align with the Group’s new Aspiration and Purpose.

Integrax is well-positioned to diversify into other areas of the energy industry’s downstream value chain, particularly in light of emergent fuels and the ongoing energy transition.

To achieve this aspiration, we are committed to enhancing our core capabilities, not only by maintaining our exceptional service delivery and state-of-the-art facilities but also by acquiring new capabilities and innovations through organic growth or strategic partnerships.

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